Property Network has emerged from Professional Independent Real Estate Agencies who also saw the Selling opportunities when hundreds of Offices work together.

Not just have the same Name or same Company, but actively work together.

Property Network Agencies must have IRENE REFERRAL AGENCY status which demands a high level of Professionalism to retain membership.

Property Network Members have taken this one step further by developing their own real estate software.

Property network Members invested with the giant IRENE property group to develop cutting edge software to promote their properties for sale to 1000’s of other real estate agencies both local and throughout Australia.

Furthermore Property Network Agency Members are owners of Property Network.

Opposed to a Franchise relationship where Agencies come and go ownership is for the life of the business. It is imperative for Property Network Members to adhere to the highest standards of professionalism for many reasons but two we will mention.

1. Each Property Network Member must have and retain IRENE REFERRAL Agency membership as a requirement of their Network Membership
2. When the owner of the business retires from real estate they are able to sell the branding goodwill opposed to Franchise Agencies whose Head Office receives the good will

Whether you would like to join Property Network as a real estate Agency or simply do business with our members, you can be assured of one thing.

You will be working with or doing business with the owners of the Property Network brand who are here for the very long term and to build the Property Network Brand. This is what you call a real win-win

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