Our reputation is built on superior client service, state of the art technology and regular training including specific information and ideas work shops via the giant IRENE group.

Maximum return, through Tenant checks, Finger tip information including all changes to legislation.
Minimum opposed to maximum number of properties managed by our qualified staff and through Tenant checks are just part of the basic we offer and why we win more business from referrals than any other source.

Let us do the work for You.
Convenient mid and end of month disbursements with statement of accounts for that period.
We are able to manage all accounts associated with your property including council and water rates, insurance, body corporate levies and accounts for repairs and maintenance, helping your reconciliation at End of Financial Year.

Via the IRENE group we have an exceptional advantage when choosing the right Tenant.
The right tenant is a very valuable part of an Investment property
With tightening privacy laws restricting our usual Tenant check information, as part of the IRENE national Network we are and within the law, able to attain important details that are not normally
available today.

There is a reason more and more of our valued Clients including our valued Tenants Refer our Agency.

If you are thinking of renting your property or unhappy with your current Manager please contact us for a free no-obligation appraisal and we Trust you will refer our Agency as well.

We understand the importance of the trust the Seller must have with their agent is a very important part of a successful sale.

Trust is seen as attaining a great sale price in a suitable time to the Seller and enjoying this exciting experience.

Attaining a premium price just doesn’t happen and this is why our reputation is so highly regarded.

With most if not all industry training based on how to win more properties to sell or rent, the Referred Agency training is focused on attaining premium prices.

We are an IRENE Referred Agency Member for this reason.

Our Team